We are producing a series of short films that capture different elements of the Living Memory Project.

Lauren Hatchard and Olivia James are making 4 short films about some of the collections and life stories gathered as part of the project. Their first film Love By Chance is viewable below.

Holly Wilkinson is busy making a film about the Living Memory project which will be ready early 2020. This film will tell the story of what we are doing and why, and will feature interviews with participants, a peek at some of our events and workshops, and some of our exhibitions.

Our Living Memory project-lead Geoff Broadway is making a film about the arts programme which features 12 artists who are developing new work with partner organisations and local communities across the region. The film will be completed by April 2020 ready for our final project celebration.

Raised by Canals

A film by Lauren Hatchard and Olivia James commissioned by the Living Memory Project.

Raised by Canals chronicles the life and memories of Ruth Collins, who was born in a toll house in 1939. Her story is intertwined with the iconic black and white images of canals from the photography collection created by her father Will King between 1930 and 1960.  Read more..

Love By Chance

A film by Lauren Hatchard and Olivia James commissioned by the Living Memory Project.

Love by Chance tells the story of Gary and Dorothy Watton who share the story of how they met at Chances Bros Ltd in Smethwick in 1956. Read more..

Keith Hodgkins

In this vignette Keith talks about one of his favourite photographs and takes the opportunity to reflect upon some important changes to the industrial and urban landscape of the Black Country. You can see more material from Keith’s archive in the collections section.

Ruth Collins

Ruth is the keeper of her father's extensive canal photographs that he made while working as Lock Keeper from 1936 to 1960. We will be sharing a wide selection of his work in the collections section, and also making a special film with Ruth talking about photographs from her own life.  In this vignette Ruth talks about her father and why he made his collection. She also talks about her wedding day which involved a trip along the canal in her full wedding dress.

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