This section is dedicated to sharing some of the in-depth stories behind the photo collections that we are working with. We are already gathering a rich mix of very different tales that we have either recorded with participants or that they have written themselves.

Do you have a set of photographs and a story about them you want to share? Contact us at

Lynne Jones

Lynne Jones shares some of her photographs and stories from her life.

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Bill Mansell

Jane Braznell talks about her late uncle Bill and his adventurous life.

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Brendan Jackson

the time machine turns up all manner of capsules from the past

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Will King

Will King took thousands of photographs of the Black Country canal network.

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John Henry Price

John tells us about his life and how he met his wife Lily in Northern Ireland in 1949

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Herma Hansle

Joy Hansle talks about a few photographs of her mother Herma.

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Jacqui Prosser

My grandparents were a huge influence in my life and I'm extremely proud of them and my Black Country heritage

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Mike Fenton

Oldbury Carnival - 'the heady days of the 1960s'

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