Project Resources

We have created two downloadable documents that share more information about the project. The first is the Learning Pack which is a useful overview guide to creating different kinds of training workshops, guided walks and creative activities around photography archives and oral history. The second is a comprehensive Mapping Document that provides an overview of photography collections we have worked with as part of the project.

The Learning Pack

As part of the project we developed and ran many successful community, school and college-based actives, workshops and training events. We want to share some of our experiences to encourage and inspire others to develop their own creative and educational activities around photography collections and life stories.

The Photography Collections Mapping Document

As part of this project, we put out a call for information about significant community-held photography collections. We worked with nine remarkable
and strikingly diverse collections. We featured some of them in the new Living Memory book (available on the website) and told some of their stories. This document digs a bit deeper into these collections, describing what they contain, how big they are, why they are significant, and outline any known plans for their long-term preservation.

We are sure many more valuable photography collections exist out there in the community and we aspire to see this list grow as more come to light.

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