Jane Handley

Jane's grandparents lived in Cradley and had eight children. John was a Chainmaker who died of a flu outbreak in 1940.

‘My grandparents, John Charles and Mary Ann Brookes, were a great couple.  This photo I think was taken in about the 1930s.  They were married in 1897 at The Parish Church, Blackheath and had 8 children.  John was a Chainmaker in Cradley Heath – he died in 1940 during a flu epidemic and my grand mother died in about 1956 before I was born.

A family story does suggest that John Charles’ father may have been employed by the Earl of Dudley at Himley Hall and that his mother was a servant working at the hall.  Not sure how true the story is!’

Taken: 1930s, Cradley Heath

Featuring: John Charles Brookes and Mary Ann Brookes

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