Ampersand Projects working in Old Warley, Oldbury

19th century map of Old Warley


Ampersand Projects and Stephen Burke are working with Living Memory to deliver a micro project about local people’s life stories and memories connected to their photography collections in the Old Warley area of Oldbury/Smethwick.

Stephen has been busy conducting a series of oral histories recordings with a number of residents and scanning photographs from their personal archives. Stephen is also exploring the creating some new photographic work of the residents and landscape of the area.

The working title for the project 'The Glory Hills' which is a reference to a conversation with a resident who said the area was once known as The Glory Hills. More research needs to be done to confirm this but it paints a romantic idyllic vision of the areas past, which could be an interesting area to explore.

Stephen is working with Ampersand Projects to create a new exhibition and sharing event at Bleakhouse Library in April/May 2019. More details to follow.

Hill Top Road School c.1918, Photo used courtesy of Terry Beck


If you have any stories and photos you want to share from around Old Warley, or simply know more about this part of the project you can contact Stephen here or leave a message on 07850 176567.

Queens Jubilee 1977, Farm Rd, Langley. Photo courtesy Emma Moore.
Queen's Jubilee 1977, Farm Rd, Langley. Photo Courtesy Emma Moore
Queen's Jubilee 1977, Farm Rd, Langley. Photo courtesy Emma Moore

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