New exhibition at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton


We are delighted to present a new exhibition of images and stories shared by people from across the Black Country. This exhibition marks the penultimate event of the Living Memory Project that runs from 2017-2021

Newhampton Arts Centre
Dunkley Street, Wolverhampton WV14AN

From: Friday 18th September
To: Saturday 3rd October
11am till 4pm (Please note 3pm close on Sundays)

As part of this exhibition we are delighted to present a special showcase of photographs and stories from the Ned Williams’ archive. Ned has dedicated over 50 years of his life to telling fascinating stories of a region undergoing continual change. Through his 52 books (and counting) he celebrates the histories of our fairgrounds, cinemas, circuses, railways and towns, as well as everyday life stories from the countless people he has met along the way. Through this small selection of carefully selected photographs, In describing these image and the stories behind them, Ned offers us an insight into what continually motivates him to undertake his many projects and what he finds the Black Country so endearing.

The exhibition also features the premiere of The Unnamed City produced by the artist Harmeet Chagger-Khan. This 3D interactive installation emerges out of Harmeet’s residency at NAC during 2019/2020 and features the voices of participants from the local group Women of Wolverhampton. The work is a series of interactive audio stories about belonging and identity scattered amongst a 3D model of a city - a city that could be both nowhere and everywhere, where people live in harmony, a place that is equitable for all and has no sense of division or prejudice.

The wider exhibition offers a glimpse into the many rich life stories and treasured personal photographs that have been shared with the project over the last three years.


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